Harrington: UW1

I sold my UW1 a few years ago and regretted it. I am now luck in finding another!!  I need to look for some accessories for it! REgards, Matt


Barry Rowland: Lorch LLPV

My own, just-purchased LLPV, is a "brother" to yours, I think..a 1957, serial 23440 (23449?), with an Agfa inventory-control tag on it, also :-)  It caught my attention when I saw it for sale, because my first time in Germany, I was doing Ausbildung bei Agfa, for 7 weeks, on Tegerneseelandstrasse in München! Mine has quite a good set of Zubehöre, including collets, collet adapters, 3-jaw chuck, steady-rest, original motor and reduction pulleys, but, sadly only one 0.5 mm threading "Patrone", a chip in the bed (something flying out of the chuck, at speed!), and a small break in one of the spindle pulleys...it's a nice companion to my.much-older A-type :-) Thanks for your very nice site!


Barry Rowland: Your guestbook killed my message...

I typed in a long, nice message, answered the spam question, and for some reason, 13-5 was not 8, according to this system, and it deleted all of my message,no second-chance!


Heiko: Reitstock UW1

Hallo Habe eine UW1 Maschine ohne Reitstock, wo bekomme ich noch einen. Vielen Dank im voraus  


Francisco Santos: Lesto Scintilla GD1123CR

Hallo werte Gemeinde, heute ist mir o.g. Drehbank zugelaufen. Gibt es hier einen Fan der noch ein PDF von der Bedienungsanleitung hat. Es wäre schön wenn ich so ewtas bekommen könnte. Vielen Dank und liebe GrüßeFrancisco



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