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Matthias: Lorch LAS

Wieviel ist eine sehr gut gepflegte Lorch LAS in etwa wert Danke


Harrington: UW1

I sold my UW1 a few years ago and regretted it. I am now luck in finding another!!  I need to look for some accessories for it! REgards, Matt


Barry Rowland: Lorch LLPV

My own, just-purchased LLPV, is a "brother" to yours, I think..a 1957, serial 23440 (23449?), with an Agfa inventory-control tag on it, also :-)  It caught my attention when I saw it for sale, because my first time in Germany, I was doing Ausbildung bei Agfa, for 7 weeks, on Tegerneseelandstrasse in München! Mine has quite a good set of Zubehöre, including collets, collet adapters, 3-jaw chuck, steady-rest, original motor and reduction pulleys, but, sadly only one 0.5 mm threading "Patrone", a chip in the bed (something flying out of the chuck, at speed!), and a small break in one of the spindle pulleys...it's a nice companion to my.much-older A-type :-) Thanks for your very nice site!


Barry Rowland: Your guestbook killed my message...

I typed in a long, nice message, answered the spam question, and for some reason, 13-5 was not 8, according to this system, and it deleted all of my message,no second-chance!



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